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CULP Team C2 Siauliai - Serving the Community

Derek Yates and Jose de la Pena (2013-05-31 10:12:20)

On May 25th 2013, the Lithuania CULP C-2 team visited Siauliai’s Simonas Daukantas Gymnasium, a Lithuanian high school. Part of the CULP mission included a service project provided by the United States Embassy. The main part of our project was to destroy a thick glass wall separating a locker room from a hallway to provide extra space in the school. The other part was to scrape the peeling paint to prepare it for a new coat. We also interacted with the students.

When we first arrived to the school, we met the principal, one of the English teachers, and the students. After introducing ourselves, we moved to the locker bay and started working on our project. Our team provided 11 workers, which included the 10 cadets as well as our commander. About 20 of the students at the school helped alongside the cadets, and the teacher pitched-in a little too. With everyone working together, we tore down the wall in a little less than two hours.

After tearing down the wall and clearing out the space the school so desperately needed, we had some tea, coffee, and snacks in the classroom. We interacted with the students asking them about their lives in Lithuania and telling them about our lives in America. We talked about things like sports, especially basketball, where we grew up, our families, other languages we speak, and music we like to listen to. Many of the students said they want to visit the United States someday. We seemed to have a lot in common with the Lithuanian students, and we all got along exceptionally well. We migrated up to the music studio where we played some instruments, sang some songs, and talked some more about life in Lithuania and the United States. It was a good experience for everyone. We made friends and worked together to benefit the school and the community.

Team C2 to Siauliai Cadre leader CPT Ceban and the School Principle.

A glass wall limited the space of the school.

Cadets Wilson and Carlson Breaking through the first section of the wall.

Careful planning was used to make sure the wall came down safely.

The wall began to slowly come down.

Cadets Halloway, Salo, Sirois, and Persons helping scrap away the layers of old paint to improve the school.

Students and Cadets working together.

Cadet Salo playing songs on the piano for the students to enjoy.

Cadets with the students in their music classroom sharing stories and songs that were personal favorites.

The schools staff, students, and Team C2 posing for a picture where a wall stood earlier that day.

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